lucy62 dodane 12/07/2018 19:26
Apologies I cannot write in Polish. I would like to take my mother's Ashes back to Poland. Has anyone experience of this? I need to know what type of urn is acceptable. Embasdy have said metal but funeral parlour have given me a hard plastic one. I don't want to be stopped at Polish border! Thank you
Hi Lucy,

I'm sorry for your loss. As far as I just read about it it's not that straightforward. First, you need to know the palace where ashes will be buried and a confirmation/acceptance of a president of this place (city). Apart from that, you need to have the Polish Embassy acceptance. Urn not only need to be a metal one but you need some kind of a confirmation from the funeral parlour whose ashes are inside (maybe you have not mentioned to them that ashes will be buried in another country that's why they give you plastic urn). I guess you need to call the embassy and ask them for a full procedure, step by step not only urn type...