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Darts Singles League
Coventry Rileys Darts Singles League
Everyone who sees out all their fixtures in the League will receive money back.
1st Place - £300
2nd Place - £200
3rd Place - £150
4th Place - £120
5th Place - £100
6th Place - £80
7th Place - £60
8th Place - £50
9th Place - £45
10th Place - £40
11th Place – £35
12th Place - £30
Based on 12 entrants playing all their fixtures.
League entry is £30 per season. All entry fees paid in will be put into the prize fund. £5 is paid per week.
Weekly prizes: Each week there will be a £10 random tote prize and £10 highest checkout prize.
2 matches will be played each week per player.
All matches will be best of 6 Legs: 501 Straight in Double Finish.
First to 4 legs wins the match, 3-3 is a draw. Once 1 person wins 4 legs the match is over.
3 points are awarded for a match win. 1 point is awarded for a draw.
The league is run by Rileys Coventry, and the people who deal with the league are Matt Mclean & James Stokes. Please, in every instance speak to either of these people to resolve any matters. All decisions made by us are final.
All match cards should be filled out fully with people’s full names in order for the correct result to be attributed to the right person.
In the event of a tie on points, leg difference will decide the final positions. If there is still a tie then legs won will decide the positions. If players are still tied then a 1 game sudden death play-off will decide the final league positions.
All matches will start at 8.00pm, 8.30pm, 9pm and 9.30pm on a Tuesday evening in Rileys Coventry.
All matches are to start prompt, to ensure any following games will not be affected. The Darts Zone is available for exclusive league player practice from 7pm.
In the event a person is late then the first leg can be after 15 minutes. Further legs can be claimed in ten minute intervals.
Markers will be nominated from the games not playing in that time slot. Everyone will mark one game per evening. Anyone not fulfilling marking duties without providing a replacement marker will be docked a point and fined £5 for each occasion.
In the event of a person not being able to attend their match, the scheduled match must be played within 4 weeks of the original date. Any person failing to follow this rule will mean an 4-0 loss against them. Any person cancelling a match must give the opponent, and Rileys, a minimum of 24 hours notice. Failure to follow this rule will result in an 4-0 loss. This notice must be given in written form e.g. via email or Facebook or communicated directly to Matt McLean or Rileys Coventry Hertford Place’s Facebook page. All players are asked to supply a contact number for other players and/or league officials to contact them.
Any match issues have to be reported to Rileys within 24 hours of the match taking place in order for us to investigate.
Any acts of violence or aggressive behaviour will be dealt with a zero tolerance policy. Any action deemed to bring the league or Rileys into disrepute with be dealt with accordingly, and punishment deemed fit which could include expulsion from the league will be issued.
It is the intention of the league that all matches are played in a competitive sporting manner and that games are won on the board.
Results and league tables will be posted on
For all league enquiries please contact
Matt McLean
League Secretary
07974 501247
James Stokes
League Chairman
@ Rileys on either
02476 229916 or
Facebook: Rileys Coventry Hertford Place

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